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Australia Weather Weather in Australia


Australia Weather Weather in Australia

The summer time in Australia is from December to February.
The spring time is from September to November
The autumn time is from March to May
The winter time is from June to August

Australia is considered as a country that can be visited the whole year round, but summer it is quite in hot in the region of Western Australia, Northern and Queensland.

In January and February most rainfall is at the Great Barrier Reef.  During what Australian call the green season, from January to March, road may flood in northern Queensland and part of the Northern Territory.


Australian Weather

The ski season is from June to October in the region of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.


Most of Australian land is desert or region that receives very low amount of rainfall yearly, about forty percent of the land is covered of dunes.


The regions with fertile land are the south east south west and have a temperate climate.


The North of Australia has a tropical climate; part is desert, part grass land and part rain forests.


Rainfall can be variable, often with flood, sometimes dust storms and occasionally tornados.



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