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The city of Sydney is a very busy place. In 1788 when Arthur Philip landed in Sydney Cove he claimed Australia for British. Sydney is also the state capital of New South Wales; Sydney has a population of over four million and is considered as the most populous city in Australia. Sydney is on the east cost of Australia Island. In Australia, Sydney is also known as the “Harbour city”. The main attractions in Sydney are the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Sydney skylines, the beautiful beaches and shopping centres as the Queen Victoria Building. Sydney is home of numerous sport events as the 2003 Rugby World Cup, the 2000 Summer Olympics and 1938 British Empire Games. It has been said that indigenous Australians lived in the area for over thirty years, when the First Fleet arrived in 1788 there were three different languages clan of aboriginal people in the area and the main language was Darug. The original people who were living in the city of Sydney were the Cadigal. The area where they were living became later on Marrickville Local Government Area of Sydney. The population of Cadigal were reduced as from the settlement of the British. The First Fleet was the name given to a group of eleven ships coming from Great Britain; the Captain Arthur Phillip was in charge of the eleven ships.



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