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Australia Ship Model


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This is a picture of a ship model exposed. The information says that the ship took two thousand hours to be built and the timber used is spotted gum. It is exposed to allow people, tourists to take photos of the ship model and in return donate money for the children’s hospital. The collection of the Ship Models of the Sydney Heritage Fleet has a collection of over fifty models as freighters, passenger liners, America’s cup yachts and bottle ships. There is around ten historical vessels among the collection. As larger models there are the Oriana, Northern Star and Southern Cross which were passenger liners, Iron Chief and Port Brisbane. If you are a fan ship models you can have a visit at the Sydney Heritage fleet, Wharf 7 at Pirrama Road Pyrmont. Those who build and restore the models are fleet volunteers. In 1965 was founded the Lady Hopetoun and Jackson Museum and became later on the Sydney Maritime Museum Limited. It was only in 1998 that it has too the name of Sydney Heritage Fleet.



Australia Sydney Ship Model




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