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Australia Sydney Queen Victoria Building


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The Queen Victoria Building is located at 455 George Street in Sydney. The building is also known as QVB. It is a well known arcade and shopping centre. This Romanesque style building was opened as a public market in the year 1898 and was known as the George Street Market. It was designed the architect George Mc Rae. After years the building was seriously deteriorated and was close to be destroyed in the year 1959, but with the help of a campaign the Victoria Building was restored during the 70s as it was considered as a historical building. The enormous Centre Dome dominates the building. The building has four main shopping levels. The upper voids are dominated by two big mechanical clocks. In front of the arcade, in Sydney city, there is the statue of Queen Victoria which was a present from people of Ireland. The Queen Victoria Building is fabulous from the outside and inside. There are very beautiful pictures of Queen Elizabeth II, there has been a letter written to the people of Sydney by the Queen Elizabeth II but it is allowed to be opened in 2085 and by the Lord Mayor of the city.



Sydney Queen Victoria Building




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