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Australia Sydney Post Office


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This is a picture of a letter box from the post office. This type of letter box is found a little bit everywhere in Sydney, it allows the tourists to put their post cards and letters in, instead of going to a Post Office which may be not in the neighbourhood. The general Post Office of Sydney is located at Martin Place, George and Pitt streets. The general Post Office of Sydney has been constructed during 1866 and 1891. Before the General Post office was constructed it was decided that the building should symbolise Sydney. The first postmaster in Sydney was Isaac Nichols in 1809 who was an ex-convict. In 1838 the first overland mail services started operation between Sydney and Melbourne. During the same year the first adhesive stamp came out. It was only in 1844 that the first letter box appeared and each town could get one. In 1849 same postal rates were applied. Sea mail to England started in 1856. In 1875 were issued the first postcards in Sydney General Post Office. Telex was introduced in 1954. In 1962 the first automatic postal station was created in Melbourne. In 1967 postcodes were introduced in Australia, each mail delivery area got a four digit number. In 1971 were introduced the Priority Paid Mail. In 1999 was introduced bar-coded mail.



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