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Australia Sydney Olympic Park Fountain


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The Olympic Park Centre started to be renewed in the 80s. The Sydney 2000 games brought a lot of changes to the site. The Park is around six hundred and forty hectares located between the Parramatta River and The M4 motorway. Here is a picture of the magnificent fountain located in the Olympic Park. Homebush Bay is the Olympic Park is found. Homebush Bay is a suburb of Sydney. Newington is also a suburb and quite newly developed. It is the area of the Wann group, indigenous Australians. Newington has been established in 1807 and it was John Blaxland who bought a part of land and it got its name after the family of John Blaxland living in Kent. Sydney is a city with a lot of attractions and accommodations; it is a great place for holidays.



Sydney Olympic Park Fountain




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