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Australia Sydney Olympic Center


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The Olympic center is in Homebush Bay in Sydney. Homebush Bay is mostly known for the famous Olympic Games of 2000. The Olympics were known as Green Olympics. The Homebush Bay Olympic site includes the Olympic stadium, state hockey centre, skate sports centre, olympic village, baseball stadium. In the Olympic Center and nearby, there are also accommodations available which are the Novotel and Ibis Hotel in the park, Sydney Olympic Park Lodge Newington Armory and Former Olympic Village. The operator is of the Sydney Olympic Park is the Sydney Olympic Park Authority. In 2006 there has been a large number of developments. Sydney was founded in 1788 by Arthur Phillip, it has a population of over four million. Before the arrival of Europeans there was four thousand to eight thousand aboriginal living in the area. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge are the landmarks of Sydney.



Sydney Olympic Center




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