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Australia Harbour Bridge


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The Harbour Bridge is in Sydney, the bridge connects the central business district with the residential areas and the north shore commercial both situated on Sydney Harbour. On the above picture you can have a view of the bridge from down. Till 1967 the Harbour Bridge was Sydney’s tallest structure. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is considered as the largest single arch bridge of the world according to the Guinness Records. The Bridge has six traffic lanes on its main roadway, two lanes of road traffic, which were in the past two tram tracks, a footpath on the east side, a bicycle path on the west side and two railway tracks. The top of the bridge is one hundred and thirty four metres above the harbour. As from 1815 there have been plans made to construct a bridge. In 1890 it can be said that the current bridge started to be built. In 1900 there were designs asked but no formal designs were accepted till 1911 and John Bradfield was decided as chief engineer of the project for the bridge. The design of John Bradfield was based on the Hell Gate Bridge of New York.



Australia Sydney Harbour Bridge




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