Australia Sunset and Moon







Australia Sunset and Moon


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On this picture you observe the sunset and the moon at the same time. It is just a magnificent and unbelievable view. Each state and territory of Australia has its own capital city, the capital city of Australia is Canberra, the capital city of Tasmania is Hobart, for Victoria it is Melbourne, for the New South Wales it is Sydney, for South Australia it is Adelaide, for Western Australia it is Perth, for Queensland it is Brisbane and for the Northern Territory it is Darwin. Hobart the capital city of Tasmania and also the largest city, has been established in 1804 and it the second oldest city of Australia. Tasmania is an island located around two hundred kilometers south of the east part of Australia. The area of Tasmania is over sixty eight thousand square kilometers. The population of Tasmania is over four hundred and fifty thousand. Most of the population of Tasmania lives in the capital, Hobart and the rest live in Burnie, Macquarie and Devenport.



Sunset and Moon




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