Australia Orange Sky







Australia Orange Sky


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On the above picture you can see a picture of the orange sky. It is a picture taken in Australia. You can observe the arid land in Australia. You can observe a little farm in the middle of this land. There is in Australia a large number of parks that can be visited as Park Ridge in Queensland, Albert Park in Brisbane and Victoria, Victoria Park located in New South Wales which is a nature reserve also a park in Sydney of the same name. There is also numerous gardens in Australia as the Royal Botanic Gardens located in Melbourne, Castlemaine Botanic Gardens in Castlemain Victoria, Mount Lofty Botanic Garden in Adelaide, Mount Annan Botanic Garden in New South Wales, Olive Pink Botanic Garden in Alice Springs, Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, St Kilda Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, Wollongong Botanic garden in Wollongong, Maranoa Gardens in Victoria, Brisbane City Botanic Gardens in Brisbane.



Orange Sky




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