Australia Giant Tree







Australia Giant Tree


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On this picture you can see a giant tree, a picture taken in one of the region of Australia. It must be a very old tree. You can also observe on the picture that the land in this part of Australia is dry as a big part of the continent.  Australia has a land area of over 7,5 million square kilometres with a coastline of over twenty five kilometres. The Timor Sea and Arafura Sea separates the continent from Asia. The Mount Augustus is considered as one the largest monolith in the world. The Aboriginal people call the mount Burringurrah. Mount Augustus is located in Western Australia. The aboriginal people who were living in the area were known as the Wadjari. Mount Augustus is also an attraction for tourist. There are lots of things to do in the National Park of Mount Augustus as Warrarla which a nice picnic area, Emu Hill Lookout, Goolinee , Burringurrah Drive and Beedoboondu also known as the Flintstone Rock.



Giant Tree




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