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In German, hippopotamus means Nilpferd. As you can see on the picture, they feed themselves on vegetations being exclusively grass and tall plants found along the lakes in which they relax and decrease their body temperature! Due to their very special type of skin, which transpires more than others, they must absolutely go in water. Their skin is also very sensible to the rays of the sun affecting therefore their whole body. When they are submerged in the tropical cool water, these hippopotamus secrete a substance which they use as sunscreen, protecting them from the sun. This substance becomes firstly red-orange to brown within minutes. Do not think that they were dipped in mud! Although these look very much as lazy and heavy animals, they are said to run faster than us, human beings, on land...  Unfortunately this unbelievable action doesn’t last more than 100 yards long.



Nilpferde in Australia




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