Australia Melbourne Night







Australia Melbourne Night


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Melbourne is a beautiful city at night as you can see it on the picture. Melbourne is a city with lot activities at night, as casinos, discos, restaurants, bars. Those who can’t sleep at night can go out and have a nice eat or a drink and visit this beautiful and discover another side of Melbourne. Someone who comes from Melbourne is a Melbournian. Melbourne is located in the state of Victoria. Melbourne is the busiest city of Australia. Melbourne was named after William Lamb, second Viscount Melbourne. The Viscount was born on the 15 March 1779. He was a British Whig statesman. He was born in England. The first European settlement came from Tasmania in 1835; they had a lot of difficulties to find available land. The Kulin people had already possession of the area. From 1901 to 1927 Melbourne was the capital city of Australia.



Melbourne Night




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