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Here you can see the train station of Flinders in Melbourne and you can see the time the next train is going to Altona.. Altona railway station is 18 kilometres from the flinders station. Altona is a suburb of Melbourne in the western part. Altona is one of the most quiet and relaxing suburb of Melbourne. Altona has many reserves and parks, also well known the Altona Beach, the Cherry Lake, the Altona Coastal Park. Altona and its surrounding are nice to live, schools, highways, freeways, public health, shopping are easily accessible. In 1953 the Mobiltown railway station also known as Altona line was opened in purpose to of the refinery in Paisley, the Vacuum Oil refinery that opened in 1949. In east and west Altona town centre a higher school opened in 1960 and two primary schools were opened in 1961 and 1962.The main shopping place is located in Pier Street.



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