Australia Luna Park Entrance







Australia Luna Park Entrance


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On this picture you can see the entrance of the Luna Park of Melbourne in St Kilda. It is a “smiley mouth”. The Luna Park is very popular in Australia. Both children and parents love to go there to spend a nice and relaxing day. In 1911 the Williams Amusement Company leased the land for a period of ten years to build on it a new amusement park. The chief designer of the Luna Park was T.H. Eslick who has an experience of over 14 years in the amusement park business. The Park opened in December 1912 with a large success. There is attraction as the Scenic Railway roller coaster, a romantic journey on the River Caves, the American Bowl Slide which is a huge slide. One of the main attractions in the Luna Park is the live entertainment as the high wire performance, the Luna Park Band, acrobats, trick cyclists. Luna Park must absolutely make part of your excursions during your visit in Melbourne. It is just a great place to relax for parents and children!



Luna Park Entrance




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