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Australia Flinders Street Station


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The Flinders Street Station is located on the corner of Flinders and Swanson Streets in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. Nearby the station there is the Yarra River. Usually the station is just called Flinders street. The building covers 2 city blocks it starts from Swanson Street to Queen Street. There are everyday around 1500 trains passing through, and around 105,000 travellers. On the Flinders Street Station the analogue Clocks were replaced by digital clocks but only for a short laps of time because of the public complaints. In the 1970 it was also decided to demolish the station by replacing it with an office building but again because of the public’s complaints the demolition plan was rejected. The City Terminus or just Melbourne was the first railway station on Flinders Street and it was also the first railway station in Australia. The station was opened on 12th September 1854 by the Lieutenant-Governor, Sir Charles Hotham. In 1859 the Spencer Station and Princes of Bridge Station were opened.



Flinders Street Station in Australia




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