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Australia Barramundi


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The Barramundi is a fish; here you can see it on the picture. This picture has been taken in the Market place. The Barramundi known in Latin as Lates calcarifer, it makes part of the Centrpomidae family and is a diadromous fish species. These fishes are usually of light grey-green colour. When monsoon starts the male migrate downriver to join the female who will lay their eggs, they can lay a very number of eggs. Most of the eggs will become male first and will change to female at least once. The maximum length of the Barramundi is 2 metres and weigh to 60 kg, but the most seen are around 5 to 6 kg. It can be found in Indian Ocean the Eastern Persian Golf, south China and Japan, south Guinea and north Australia. There main food is mollusks and crustaceans and young ones feed themselves of zooplankton. The fish is known to taste very good, almost boneless which make it a very demanding fish. The Barramundi is also known as Asian seabass, white seabass, giant perch, and giant seaperch.



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