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The place was made in memory of the last survivor of “we of the never never, Bett Bett, the little black princess Dolly Bonson”. The last survivor died in Darwin the 3rd March in 1988 at the age of 95.  It is known to be an Australian legend; to the generations of Australian Mrs Dolly Bonson was known as the little black princess. The books were written by Mrs Aeneas Gunn, who was a school teacher, and her husband was a navigator, naturalist, cattleman, scientist, adventurer and journalist, in 1902 they took over the station “The Elsey” located in the South of Darwin and became the home city schoolteacher that was called “the Little Missus”. Bett Bett was a half Aboriginal orphan in the book, in the 60s and 70s she was known as Dolly Bonson and she has never learned to write or to read. If you want to know some more about the legend read the book which is said to be very captivating.



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