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Australia Aliens


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Here you can see a picture of the famous Aliens. Wycliffe Well is known to be the UFO capital of Australia. In this region the main conversation turns around the Aliens, there are tourists who even go there only in the hope to may be having luck to see something, if they are considered lucky they see uncommon things. The Wycliffe Well Holiday Park is reputated in the whole world for its UFO sightings, they are number 5 in the world for the top reported UFO activity. This started since the Second World War, it came from the servicemen staying there, where the region was in the past an Army Market Garden, those servicemen used to keep a record book in which they were writing everything that happened, as unidentified flying objects that were seen during the night but it seems also that some has also been seen during day time. May you will the lucky one to see an unidentified flying object or even an Alien, who knows!







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