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Kakadu is a national park located in the North Territory of Australia and it is situated one hundred and seventy one kilometer east of Darwin. The word kakadu come from an aboriginal floodplain language which was spoken in the beginning of the 20 th century in the north of the park. The language was called gaagudju or kakadu. The Mungguy and Bininj, the aboriginal people tell that kakadu has six seasons. The seasons are known as Gunumeleng, Gudjewg, Banggerreng, Yegge Wurrgeng and Gurrung. When you visit the Kakadu National Park you will learn about plants, animals, and the people. The people of this area are considered as unique people for Australians. The land of Kakadu was inhabited for over forty thousand years. You will also discover on this land cave paintings, archaeological sites, rocks painting which will make you learn more about the culture of the aboriginal people of this region.



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