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Gagudju is also written Gagadu. It is an aboriginal language from Australia. The gaagudju is a language that was spoken in past in Arnhem Land, Northern Australia. Nowadays this aboriginal language is not spoken anymore. The last person who spoke this language was Big Bill Niedje. He passed away on the twenty three May of the year 2002. Big Bill Niedje was born in 1920. Big Bill Neidje was the owner of Bunitj estate. The Kakadu National Park is one of the most spectacular parks in Australia. In Kakadu Big Bill Niedje was also called Kakadu Man. Big Bill was born at Alawanydajawany on East Alligator River. The father of Big Bill was Nadampala and his mother was Lucy Wirlmaka. The Gagudju Lodge is one of the accommodations where you can stay while you visit the Northern Territory. The Lodge is located on the Kakadu Highway. The Gagudju Lodge consists of four family room, six triple room and thirty eight Queen Single rooms. The lodge proposes to the guest restaurant facilities too.



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