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Australia Floodplains


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Floodplains are often area along the course of a river and are subjected to flooding. Flood is the overflowing of water on usually dry areas. In Kakadu you may find regions that are subject to flood. The Kakadu National Park is a must to be visited when you are in Australia. The park is considered as a cultural landscape. It is said that the first aboriginal people created this land; they lived in this place for over forty thousand years. It is a great region to visit when you are in Australia. You can have a stay at the Aurora Kakadu which is located in the park itself. The place is very popular for its Saltwater Crocodiles considered as dangerous. The Northern Territory is a beautiful region of Australia, there is a large choice of national park that you can visit in this part of Australia. Over one quarter of the people living in the Northern Territory are Indigenous Australians.



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