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On this picture you can see the feed time of the saltwater crocodiles in the Kakadu National Park. When you are visiting the Kakadu Park it is a time that you can watch. You can see how the crocodiles are fed with big pieces of meat. You can observe on the picture their teeth and how big their mouth is open to catch this piece of meat. It would not be a nice feeling to be at the place of this piece of meat. The Saltwater Crocodiles is considered as a dangerous crocodile for human. The Nile Crocodile is as dangerous as the Saltwater Crocodile. Here are some precautions you may take while visiting regions where these type of crocodile are seen, when you are in water you need to be careful they would try to drag their prey and drown them, they are very fast on land over small distances, they are more aggressive during mating season, they can also seize human from boats. So be very careful when you are visiting these regions.



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