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Australia Crocodylus Johnstoni


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The Crocodylus Johnstoni is also known as the Freshwater Crocodile, Freshies or Johnston’s Crocodile. These crocodiles are found in Northern part of Australia mainly in the states of Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. Their main place of living is often in billabongs, creeks, rivers and freshwater. The freshwater crocodiles are known as man eaters. They often bite when they are threatened or disturbed. Their main food when they are adult is amphibians, fish, bats, birds and reptiles. The capital city of the Northern Territory is Darwin. In the Northern Territory you will discover the Kakadu National Park where you will able to spend a great time and discover animals of the park and the culture of the indigenous people who has been living in the area and some of them are still living there.



Crocodylus Johnstoni Australia




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