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Australia Crocodiles


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Crocodiles are found in different part of Australia. In Kakadu National Park you will be able to discover the Australian Saltwater crocodile which is also known as estuarine crocodile. The Saltwater crocodile is the largest of all reptiles that exist. The Saltwater Crocodile is also considered to be a very dangerous crocodile species for human. The largest existing crocodiles can also be found in Southeast Asia. You may discover the saltwater crocodile in the Alligator Rivers. The Saltwater crocodile has a big resemblance with the Alligators that’s why the river has been named Alligator Rivers; in fact it has been misnamed. The adult male has a length between four to five meters, their can be around six hundred and eighty kilos. Sometimes their length may be also over six meters. The Saltwater crocodiles often spend time in rivers and freshwater swamps especially during the tropical wet season. The Dr Britton a researcher studies the saltwater crocodiles and the intelligence of crocodilian.



Crocodiles in Australia




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