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Arnhem Land is located in the Northern Territory, Australia. The area of Arnhem Land is if ninety seven thousand kilometer square. Until the middle of the year 1950 Arnhem Land was ruled by Darwin and after that the land is ruled by the Northern Land Council. The land goes from Port Roper on the Gulf of Carpentaria. The area has got its name from Matthew Flinders who explored the coast in 1623 with the Dutch ship Arnhem. Arnhem Land has a tropical climate have a dry and wet season. Arnhem is famous for its aboriginal rock art situated at Ubirr Rock and Canon Hill. Arnhem is an area rich in history you will learn a lot about the aboriginal culture. While visiting the Arnhem Land you can also have a visit to the Kakadu National Park where you will discover how the aboriginal people live as there are some of them still living in the surrounding.



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