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Alligator is a relative of the crocodile. The Alligator form part of the family of Alligatoridae. The American and Chinese Alligator are the two living alligator species. Alligators are found in China and United States. You will find the American Alligator along the Gulf Coast from Carolina to Florida, most of them are found in Louisiana and Florida. The population of alligators is estimated to over one million. The Chinese Alligator is considered as an endangered species and live only in the Yangtze River Valley. Young alligators eat snails, fish, crustaceans and insects. When they grow bigger they catch larger prey. When the alligators are bigger they eat sometimes other reptiles, turtles, birds and various mammals. The adult alligators take as prey deer, razorbacks and even sometimes smaller alligators. But alligators are also dangerous because they can also kill human. The Saltwater Crocodile is often compared to the Alligators as they are also very big crocodiles and are found in the Alligators Rivers found in the region of  Arnhem Land.



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