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Australia Aboriginal Language


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The Australian Aboriginal people of Australia have several language families. In Kakadu, the language spoken is called Gaagudju or kakadu. It was a language spoken at the beginning of twentieth century. The gaagudju is not spoken so often nowadays. The most common languages spoken in Australia by the Aboriginal Australian belongs to the Pama-Nyungan family. The Aboriginal Australians are the people who inhabited the continent of Australia. The aboriginal are often called the Indigenous Australians. The language of the aboriginal people is different in each cities of Australia and depending of where they live in Australia the name of their group is also different. The indigenous living in the New South Wales and Victoria are called Koori, in Southern Western Australia they are called Noongar, in Central Western Australia Yamatji, in Queensland Murri, in Northern South Australia Anangu, in Southern South Australia is Nunga. When you visit Australia you will discover the different cultures and groups of aboriginal people living on this continent.



Aboriginal Language in Australia




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