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The first inhabitants of Australia were the Aboriginal people. The history of Australia first began when the European explored the country.

Marines from Spain and Portugal accosted the country in the 16th century but they were more attracted to East Africa, Asia and India. The first real explorers of Australia were the Dutch with better sailing ships and more knowledge in the wind system. The Dutch sailor Dirk Hartog was the first known sailor for having explored Australia in 1616. Before Dirk Hartog, another Dutch sailor, Willem Janszoon, discovered Australia in 1606. After the sailor Dirk Hartog the British came along too. In the year 1768 the Captain James Cook from England left his country for an expedition of three years to explore the Pacific which also brought him to Australia.



On the 29th of April 1770 he landed at Botany Bay, which is a bay in Sydney. The Port Botany was built in 1930 and now it is a container terminal. The Captain Cook gave the name of South Wales to his discovery and took right on it as British, thinking that it would be an interesting area to stay.


The British sent in 1788 a group of ships with people to settle in Australia. At that time Britain needed a place to send their prisoners as the jails were full.


The first group settled in a place they named Sydney, but life was quite difficult at this time, they had no food, so as solution they started to farm, after that more and more people came and Sydney grew bigger.

Australia Flag

Australia Aborigines Rock Painting

Very quickly the settlers as George Bass and Matthew Flitters from Sydney discovered other places of Australia. They went to Tasmania, others as Hamilton Hulme and Willian Hovell discovered the South part of this big island. They found Victoria and the Murray River. Thomas Mitchell decided to explore inland and discovered much more rivers. Some of them went in the North and found Queensland. And very quickly the island part developed more cities and towns.
In 1951 gold was found since then much more people wanted to come to Australia.
The country got a lot of inhabitants in a small lapse of time; some of them became quite rich.
The Aboriginal people were pushed to leave the land where they settled, as more farms and towns started over the island. Some of the Aborigines died of hunger and illness, and some of them were even killed. Some left and lived on small parts of land. Most of the Australian people at time did not care of what was happening to the Aboriginal people.


In the 1840 the British had to stop sending their detainee to Australia because the inhabitants in Australia didn’t want to be controlled by British but wanted to run their own land.
New South Wales, Victoria and the other colonies decided in 1855 to create their own parliament so that they could have their own laws.

The 6 colonies of Australia decided to join together in 1900 to one country named the Commonwealth of Australia but Australia was still part Britain and stayed very close to the British King. It had the name of “Federation” and it happened in 1901.
Australia had very quickly its own navy, army and money.

Australia was a quite big country and was afraid that the Asian could take over the country as they were very close to Asia, so they decided of a law that only British or people from other “white” lands would be allowed to come to Australia. This law was called the “White Australia Policy” which was applied for over 50 years.
Australia was one of the first countries where women could vote.
There were also a lot of laws passed to help workers, there was also a political party that started called “Labor Party”.

When the First World War started in 1914 in Europe, Australia participated and joined the British and French side against Germany. The soldiers from Australia were sent to Turkey, but were beaten by them. Over 60,000 Australian soldiers left lives in this war. During the Second World War, in 1939, Australia helped again Britain. But 1941 the Japanese attacked Australia so they had to fight for their own land. Australia was helped by the United States at this time and the Japanese were stopped. Since then Australia and United States are good friends.
After war Australia felt that they need more people for the country, so the government said that they would take people from Europe who lost their homes in war. In the next 20 years after the war, millions of people from Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy and other countries from Europe settled in Australia.

Australia Koala

The law of the “White Australia Policy” ended in the year 1970, since then many people from Vietnam, China and other Asian countries came to Australia.
Between the years 1960 and 1970 Australia was considered as one of the richest country in the world.

And nowadays Australia is considered as a rich, democratic and peaceful land. But there is a still a lot of poor person, still problems as people without jobs or the problems with the refugees and the Aboriginal people who want to get some of their piece of land back.



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