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Australia Frillneck Lizard


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Frillnecked lizard also called the frilled lizard because of its long ruff skin which lies usually on the back of his neck. These long necked lizards grow up to 1 meter in length. In Australia this lizard is mainly found in the southern part, New Guinea as well as across the northern section. In Australia the frilled lizard has been given a nickname due to its way of running away when frightened, it’s called the "bicycle lizard". It is usually grey, brown or reddish-brown colour. Its favorite food on land is termites, spiders as well as vertebrates such as lizards themselves. During the breeding season the males fight against each other to impress the female concerned. This one lays up to 25 eggs under the ground, which hatch 5 months after.



Frillneck Lizard in Australia




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