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Fishing is a common activity practised across the whole world. Nevertheless, in the Northern Territory, to be more precise Darwin, fishing is a hobby. People fish the whole year. This is because of the very tropical and welcoming temperature from 19 degrees being the lowest temperature possible and 34 being the highest. If you have a closer look to what can be seen on this picture, you will notice the bushy type of vegetation. Wild fish live in those kinds of waters. We can’t exactly see which category of fish may be found in those waters but we are most able to deduce that a variety is to be seen. The salty waters welcome people to fish mostly a fish called Barramundi. Crocodiles are known for being dangerous so be aware! The plants are of a lively green and the water filled with minerals. What else should a fisher wish but good climatic seasons and a healthy fish at the end of the fishing line!



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