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You will often find koalas on manna gum which is also known as white gum. The manna gum is a tree of around fifty meter tall. The leaves of the manna gum are the favorite food of the koalas. The manna gum is usually native from Mount Lofty Ranges and Kangaroo Island. The koala is often called koala bear but they have no relation with bears. The koalas have sharp claws and rough pad which enable them to climb trees easily. The closest relative of the koala is the wombat. There are koalas to be found in Western Australia and Tasmania. There is around six hundred species of eucalyptus trees and they eat the leaves of fifty species of these trees. Koalas sleep a lot, around nineteen hours a day. Visitors enjoy visiting the Lone Pine Sanctuary and see the wildlife of the sanctuary.



Brisbane Manna Gum Koala




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