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The Goolayyalibee also known as the Australian Pelican can be found on the coastal areas of Australia and New Guinea. The Australian Pelicans are also found inland. The Australian Pelican is considered as a medium sized pelican with a length between 1.6m to 1.8 m and has a wingspan of over two metres. The weight of the Australian Pelican can be between four to seven kg. The Australian Pelicans do not like area where there is too much aquatic vegetation but large water areas. The bill of Australian Pelicans has a pale pink colour, its main colour is white with white and black wings. On the picture you can observe three of the pelicans on a sandy beach near the sea. There are different pelican species, here are some species, great white pelican, Peruvian pelican, brown pelican, American white pelican, spot billed pelican, Dalmatian pelican and pink backed pelican. The Australian Pelicans can also be found in New Zealand, in some parts of Indonesia and in Fiji.



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