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Australia Brisbane Coconut Palm


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Along the beautiful beaches of Brisbane you will be able to observe beautiful coconut palm. The palm trees will give some shadow when you are on the beach relaxing. The coconut palm forms part of the Arecaceae family. The coconut palm is a large palm which grows up to thirty meter tall. The tree gives coconuts fruit. There are discussions about where the coconut palm is native. Some says that it native from South America and others say that it is from Southeast Asia. Coconut is slang in Australia used for a Tongan. There are two regions in US where coconut palm can grow without irrigation they are Florida and Hawaii. Usually the coconut palms with area where there is regular rainfall and sunlight. The flowers of the coconut palm are called polygamomonecious. While traveling in Australia you will find a lot of beaches with magnificent coconut palm along the sandy white beaches. Australia as next vacation will be for sure enjoyable for the whole family.



Brisbane Coconut Palm




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