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You can observe here the Cape Moreton Light Station on Cape Moreton, Moreton Island. The Lighthouse has been erected by the Government of New South Wales. The lighthouse has been constructed on a dramatic headland, it is the first lighthouse erected on Moreton Bay. The lighthouse station provides the techniques used for the construction of the building, the operations of the lighthouse and also the lifestyles of the keepers of the lighthouse. The lighthouse started operation in 1857. It is built in stone, quarried from an area not far from the lighthouse. It was for a long time the only lighthouse on the coastline of Queensland. Moreton Island is also a national Park in Queensland. The Moreton Island has an area of around one hundred and seventy square kilometers. It is located fifty eight km northeast of Brisbane. Cape Moreton has been given by James Cook in 1770 and was written at this time “Cape Morton”.



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