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Australia Brisbane River


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Brisbane capital city is situated behind the Brisbane River. The Brisbane River runs through the city and ends in the Moreton Bay. The river has been named after Sir Thomas Brisbane, Governor of New South Wales. The name has been given in 1823 by John Oxley, an explorer. There were other navigators as William Edwardson John Bingle, Captain Cook and Matthew Flinders who explored Moreton Bay but did not discover the river. The Brisbane River diminished in flooding since the Wivenhoe Dam has been constructed. The Wivenhoe Dam forms the Wivenhoe Lake which is the major water supply of water for the city. Brisbane has also a port known as Port of Brisbane; the port is the third port of Australia which is the busiest. It is not recommended to have a swim in the Brisbane River. There are tributaries that flow in the Brisbane here are some of them, Oxley creek, Cubberla creek, Breakfast Creek, Bulimba Creek, Stanley River, Lockyer Creek, Norman Creek.



Brisbane River




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