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Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and it is also the largest city of this state with the most population. Brisbane has a population of over one million eight hundred thousand.  Brisbane is considered as the third largest city of Australia. The city of Brisbane is situated behind the Brisbane River between Moreton Bay and Great Diving Range. Brisbane has been named after Sir Thomas Brisbane. Before the settlement of the European, the area was inhabited by the Jagera and Turrbul people. Brisbane was not included as city till 1902. In 1859 Queensland was declared as an apart colony and Brisbane was decided to be its capital. When visiting Brisbane, you will discover the Windmill which is the oldest building of the city. The Windmill was built in 1828. The Shrine of Remembrance is another historical building to discover in Brisbane. Usually Brisbane has a subtropical climate with humid and hot summers and winter is mild. The highest temperature recorded in Brisbane was in 1940 with 43.2 degrees.



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