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Goanna are monitor lizards. They are presumed from the iguana type. There are about 20 species of goanna world wide, 15 of which are found in Australia. They can be carnivorous as well as vegetarian. They are dark in coloration varying from green, yellow, grey or even just black. They are known for being predatory lizards therefore are large in size and quite bulky with sharp teeth and claws. There is one difference which other lizards can call as an advantage; when a tail is cut of a claw is damaged they don’t grow again. They lay their egg in burrows or in nests under the ground. Another safe place they usually lay their eggs is in termite mounds. This is a very good hidden place which is secure in case of other animals that look for eggs; they are very well hidden. Another advantage is that when the eggs hatch the little baby goanna get food, the termites being their source of food for a while.



Ayers Rock Goanna




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