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Ernest Giles was born in England. At the age of 15 he emigrated to Australia. At first this young man lived and worked among the sheep and cattle stations. As a result he passed most of his young life time among the very dry bushes of Australia. He moved to Adelaide when he arrived in Australia. He is the first European to have seen the rock formation named The Olgas. He wanted to name these lakes after his benefactor Baron Ferdinand Von Mueller but the latter preferred to give this honour to the king of Spain and the queen of Wurttemberg. He had many journeys whereby he was close to death. He nearly died of starvation or thirst but always managed his way till the end of his aim, that is, to get to the end of his journey. After several years he was awarded but the Australian government of his time just gave him their backs for achieving so great things. They didn’t want to give him his financial award as it was supposed to be. He died on the 20 November 1897 of pneumonia and was as from them virtually forgotten.



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