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A desert is an extended area where heat and sand is mainly present. The temperature differs and the site of sand is the only thing that you may see kilometres long from your standing position. A desert is a landscape. There you can get very little precipitation; the reason for all the mountains of sand. During the day the temperatures may exceed 50 degrees but at night this falls below the normal. Unprepared travellers have a very slim chance of surviving in deserts. This is because of the little amount of water a desert offers. Some animals can be seen but this mainly at night. They stay hidden during daylight to control the level of moist of their bodies. A desert can also be referred to as a garden. Some trees can be found but this is one among a thousand. They are usually found apart from each other and this over kilometres. The term 'desert garden' is just one among many to express the wonderful area. It has its dangers but the mysterious beauty lies in its dangers.



Ayers Rock Desert Garden




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