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Australia Ayers Rock Climbing Ulruru


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The well-known Ulruru is found in central Australia, northern territory and is a huge rock with a broad base that many people wish to visit. It is the second largest monolith in the world and is located in Uluru Kata Tjuta which lies 350 km from Alice Springs. It is three hundred and eighteen metres high and eight kilometres round. It also extends to two and a half kilometres in the ground. Some time back a promise was made by the president to keep the sacred status of Ulruru and therefore not climbing it, but this promise has been broken shortly after. Nowadays Uluru is one of the places which is climbed and visited most often in Australia. It is not possible to prohibit climbing this monolith and became the most exciting attraction to people, tourists as well as youngster. Everyone wishes to experience that. Seen on the picture is not that easy to climb and many people give up arrived a certain point.



Ayers Rock Climbing Ulruru




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