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Army in Australia

Australia’s land defense is led by the indomitable Australian Army, commanded by its Chief of Army or CA.

Guided by its key doctrine publication called The Fundamentals of Land Warfare, the Australian soldiers abides by the Army’s mission to win the land battle.


Australia has never been really directly attacked except during the World War II, but the Australian Army had fought considerable number of both major and minor battles throughout the country’s history.


The soldiers had their fair share of battle scars and memories that they were able to share to the generations that succeeded them.



Although short, the Australian Army’s history had been colorful in its own right. From the year 1901 until 1947, majority of the peacetime soldiers were stationed at the Militia, or Australian Citizens Military Force (CMF).

They were kept there at its Reserve Army units while the Australian Imperial Forces were gathered to serve across the sea.
Army in Australia

In the years succeeding 1947, the Australian Citizens Military Force started to lose its importance and popularity. In 1980, the CMF was better known as the Army Reserve.


The formation of a standing peacetime infantry also happened during these times.

Most of the Australian Army’s operations had been about peacekeeping and most of the time under the direction of the United Nation.


Its list of peacekeeping operations includes the one in Solomon Islands, the one in Bougainville and the one in East Timor.


The first two are still ongoing up to the present. They also participated in humanitarian efforts for the victims of the Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004.

Australian Army soldiers were traditionally structured as a light infantry force, hence the focus on both medium and low-intensity operations. The soldiers are highly-trained for close combats, strict and secure patrolling and other dismounted operations.

But of course, they also change with the changing times. Today, they are also branching out into mechanized and motorized weaponry. They also have plans of upgrading their military equipment to measure up to the world standard. They still, however, maintain their intense training on the basics of physical fighting that is why they are well-known for their infantry skills such as ambushing, patrolling, and jungle warfare.

Australian Army

Because the Australian Army play only small roles in coalition operations due to the country’s small population, the government make it a point to deploy highly skilled members of the Australian Defense Force with specialization. This is to ensure that though small in number their contribution would still be of great significance.



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