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The Australia Zoo is located in the smallest continent of the world, Australia, in Queensland's State on the Sunshine Coast near Glass House Mountains. The Australia Zoo is very popular and one of most visited zoo of Australia.

The zoo became more popular since Steve Irwin passed away. Steve Irwin is mainly known as The Crocodile Hunter a documentary series, this is what made the Australia a big tourist attraction.


The Australia Zoo opened its doors in 1970 by Bob and Lyn Irwin and at this time it was known as Beerwah Reptile Park. Bob Irwin is a renowned herpetologist in the world. In southeast Queensland, Lyn Irwin was one of the first to rehabilitate and take care of injured and sick wildlife.


Steve Irwin helped his parents in the zoo from his childhood this love and respect for wildlife was passed over from Bob and Lyn Irwin.

Australia Zoo

After some years the zoo area was doubled with the purchase of four acres of land and was then recalled Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park.


The Crocodile Environmental Park was opened in 1987 in view of the protection of the saltwater crocodile. The Crocodile Environmental Park became very popular in 1990 and was considered as unique with its possibility of feeding the crocodiles within the park.

The management of the zoo was overtaken by Steve Irwin in 1991 and was in 1992 renamed as the Australia Zoo.

Nowadays the Australia Zoo maintains over one thousand animals and over five hundred staffs.

The Australia Zoo was considered as the best zoo in the category Major Tourist Attraction in 2003/2004 and also won the Australian Tourist Award.

The main known attractions of the Australia Zoo are the crocodiles and the live feeding crocodiles but it is also known with other Australian wildlife as wombats, koalas, snakes, Tasmanian devils.


There are also other animals in the zoo as tigers, komodo dragons, elephants, cheetahs and a large variety of birds.

Australia Animals Park and Zoo

Until 2006 the Australia was also famous with Hariet the Galapagos tortoise and was the oldest living chelonian until she died in June 2006 and was aged 176 years old. The Australia Zoo is a must to visit when one is in Queensland.



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