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Australia Working Holiday Visa



Working Holiday Visa Australia

Australia is one of the few countries that started offering and providing working holiday visas to tourists and travelers (along with Japan, Canada, and New Zealand).


This is an indication of how open the country is in accepting tourists and potential workers. To date, many other countries around the world have followed suit, probably because of the success and advantages to such traveling/working arrangements.

Getting an Australia working holiday visa has always been a breeze. What is a working holiday visa?


It is generally a travel permit issued to an applicant/ tourist who is aiming to supplement or support his travel funds.



In many cases, such arrangements are done within reciprocal agreements between specific countries. The primary purpose of issuing such special visas is to encourage and promote cultural and travel exchanges between participating countries’ citizens.

Australia working holiday visa is intended to provide vast opportunities to vacationers/ tourists aged 18 years old to 30 years old.

These people are allowed by law and immigration policies to seek, apply, and take short-term employment within their short stay in the country. The idea is to help such people secure enough money so they could earn and spend for basic expenses while staying in Australia.

In law, anyone who is granted an Australia working holiday visa is given up to a year (or 12 months) to stay in the country. He/ She is also entitled to another 12-month extension of the program. Any foreigner is allowed to take a casual or temporary post in any local business. Australia working holiday visa could only allow a vacationer to work in any local firm for a period of six months or shorter. Employers are not allowed to hire such workers longer than six months.
Australia Working Holiday Visa

A recipient of an Australia working holiday visa is also entitled to enroll in a training program or study within a maximum period of four months. Any applicant should present necessary papers. The special visa, take note, is only provided to eligible candidates. Currently, Australia has a working holiday visa arrangement with other progressive nations like Canada, the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and many others. Passport holders in Thailand, Malaysia, the US, and Chile could get a higher chance of securing an Australia working holiday visa. Upon interview, you just need to emphasize that you are in the country for travel, tourism, and other personal reasons.


Before anything else, be sure to prepare figures and money like tax information, work courses, bank accounts, tax file numbers, and even bank accounts. Some travelers use working holiday visa opportunities to enhance setting up of everything a worker may need for working and living in the country. There is so much to learn. But opportunities are always inviting.



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