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Australia Work Permit



Work Permit in Australia

The job market globally is slowing down due to the continuous impact of the global financial crisis. While all other developed nations are experiencing rising unemployment rates, the case is distinctly different in Australia.


In fact, the country is now opening its doors to welcome skilled workers from all around the world. The government is now offering Australia work permit papers conveniently to deserving and well-qualified job applicants.


Why should you consider working in Australia? The country is a good destination for migrants. First, there are vast and numerous job opportunities in the country.



Most of the active industries locally are seeking for and needing highly qualified and skilled talents. Most companies are offering competitive and very attractive salary packages, with benefits that any worker could not easily say no to. Of course, to top it all, Australia is a haven because of its lower cost of living and shorter working hours.


Australia Work Permit


Not to mention, living conditions are excellent. The climate is great, the environment is unpolluted, people are cordial, and basic infrastructure is awesome. Do you want to work in the country? The first way is to be hired by an Australian business directly. Many local companies are offering jobs to foreigners because there are not much skilled workers fit for the industry within the country. 

This way is the easiest because the company would take care of sponsorship and provision of Australia work permit, which usually lasts four years initially.
The second way to work in Australia is to apply for job positions through online job posts or through mediation of headhunters.


Professionals in the medical, engineering, mining, and IT sectors are most welcome to come and seize job opportunities locally. Applications require coordination with the Australian Embassy in your country or locality. Upon applying for an Australia work permit, you should also seek to acquire a skilled visa.

Basic requirements for the working visa are: Good education and skills; positive assessment for a 60-point occupation level and 50-point skill level plans; and sponsorship from corresponding authorities.

In some cases, a visa and work permit applicant is also asked to agree to working and living anywhere in Australia, especially in the countryside. Other requirements include: vocational-level English speaking skills; 110 points of score in DIMA test; age of less than 45 years; and recognition from the Australian Assessing Authority.

Upon application, it is assumed that you are already holding necessary traveling documents, specifically passport. In many cases, a job applicant is not expected or asked to spend for anything, including air tickets because local companies are committed to cover such expenses. After securing your Australia work permit, you are expected to work in the country for at least four years. You may have the option to renew the permit after or stay permanently as a naturalized citizen of the country.



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