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Australia Wildlife



Wildlife in Australia

Australia’s wildlife and vast biodiversity are among the many reasons why tourism in the country is always active. Logically, the country is a continent, with a huge land mass and a geography that is unique.

The geographic isolation of Australia apparently has had a very pronounced effect on the natural evolution of animals found in the area. Notice that there are many wild animals in the country that could not be found elsewhere.

Practically, the sheer age of the continental land mass and the division facilitated by sea has allowed nature to play its own way. Thus, evolution and existence of Australia wildlife is independent of external factors, or of what has been happening in other parts of the world.



While many wildlife forms are getting endangered elsewhere, in the country, they have always been protected. There are many unique mammals that could only be found in the country-continent.

Australia Wildlife

Marsupial mammals in Australia include possums, wallabies, and of course, the highly symbolic kangaroo, which could only be found naturally living in the country. Marsupials are characterized by pouches, which are used to protect young ones until development is completed. There are many monotremes in the country. Monotremes are exotic types of mammals that lay eggs rather than give birth. Platypus and echidna are examples of monotremes that abound the Australian wilderness. Discussions about Australia wildlife could never be complete without the Australian reptiles. Such animals figure prominently in major Aboriginal legends and diets. The Aborigines (natives of Australia) have high regard for native reptiles like snakes and lizards.


In this way, Australian natives are different from Western settlers, who in history have always neglected and set aside the importance of reptiles.

Trips to Australian wildlife adventure centers would never be complete without looking at saltwater crocodiles.

 Because of its rich resources, it is not surprising that Australia wildlife has an interesting array of birdlife. Early explorers to the country have always wondered about the strange birds that are endemic to the continent, just like as koalas and kangaroos are. Australia is a strange land where swans are black, kingfishers laugh, and emus could outrun horses. While in other countries, roosters have been used as natural alarm clocks, in Australia, elegant magpies do the job.

Lyrebirds dance in exotic yet amusing manner and mimic sounds, too. Australia is surrounded by oceans. It is not surprising that it has a vast and diverse sea life. The Great Barrier Reef teams with countless species of fish, shells, and polyps.

Wildlife in Australia

Ordinary coastal rock platforms also house starfish, crabs, anemones, and shellfish. Dangerous sea creatures also abound, like the box jellyfish, the blue-ringed octopus and the Great White Pointer sharks. It is a beautiful world under the sea.



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