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In the 1950s to 1960s, Australia started popularizing Australia ugg boots. Also called ug boots or ugh boots, the footwear is made primarily of sheepskin. Australia ugg first made its way through advertisements and popular publications. In the years that followed, the Australian ugg further developed and emerged as an interesting and important product that has become a national pride in itself.


The history of Australia ugg as a brand and product could be traced back to 1978. A young Australian surfer went to the United States carrying a bag full of boots made of sheepskin. The boots looked so good and felt so comfortable to wear that California surfers instantly established a liking and love for the products.



That is when Australia ugg started its niche into the important and demanding accessory market. What is ideal about ugg in general is that it is able to provide comfort and style at the same time. The footwear suits both men and women.

It is characterized by sheepskin exterior, with inner linings of wool and a fashionably tanned exterior for aesthetic appeal. The boots usually come with synthetic soles, though there are products without them.

Australia Ugg

Before the onset of the 21st century, Australia ugg has become an important and impressive fashion trend. In 2008, ugg’s popularity grew anew as numerous male celebrities have been seen confidently wearing them.

Ugg boots had been popular among competitive swimmers and surfers. The footwear helped keep such enthusiasts keep their feet warm while not immersed in water.

The naturally insulating feature of sheepskin provides thermostatic properties, facilitating air circulation to keep the body temperature ideal and normal.


Ugg boots could be worn with or without tights or socks even when the weather is extremely cold. The luxury, comfort and fashion of Australia ugg prove to be a perfect and ideal fit for people in all walks of life. The high-end footwear has been effectively finding its way in to the luxurious footwear industry. The hype and media promotion for the product expands the reach.

Soon, Australia ugg is not just dominating high-end fashion magazines. Many commercial malls and online shopping sites feature the highly in-demand products.


From Australia to the United States, Australia ugg is now seen ramping in fashion capitals of the world, including Paris, Milan and New York. Many other countries and global cities are paving the way for the entry and emergence of the fashion footwear products. Australia ugg is somehow making its mark as a significant and flagship Australian product.

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It is not surprising to find the footwear invade the rest of the fashion world very soon. Enjoy comfort, style and fashion at the soles of your feet through Australia ugg.



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