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The Australian broadcast industry has so far produced numerous television series. Many of such TV shows are notable, including prominent miniseries and regular programs in police, medical drama, comedy, and sports genres. Just like in other huge and geographically diverse countries, scheduling is varied. There are two publicly held national broadcasters operating in the country, namely, Special Broadcasting Service and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Recently, the National Indigenous Television was also established to cater to the remote areas. Commercially, there are three metropolitan-based major networks: Seven Network, Nine Network, and Network Ten. Seven and Ten networks own television stations in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane.



Nine Network has affiliates and stations in the same cities, plus Darwin. Seven Network has a regional station in Queensland. WIN Television is the biggest regional television station in terms of overall population reach. Subscription TV comprises of Foxtel, Austar, and Optus. Smaller operators include TransACT, Neighborhood Cable, and UBI World TV.

Because of the geographical challenges, satellite television is also making its way into dominance. Many television audiences have recognized the fact that satellite TV is a more feasible option compared to cable TV. It could reach every home across the continent, not unlike cable TV, which must be transmitted through wire, and free-to-air, which is frequently subjected to signal interferences.

Australia TV Guide

There are many Australia TV guides around. They are most useful especially to numerous couch potatoes, who are having difficulties tracking and monitoring TV schedules.


Why rely on Australia TV guides? As mentioned, there are many major TV broadcasters operating across the nation. The geographic time difference makes program schedules grumbled and confusing. Most Australia TV guides are designed and rolled out to provide TV audiences more information aside from the program schedules. Such guides, mostly online, are offering videos, reviews, news, galleries, and highlights.


Some even run credible reviews of many monumental and significant TV events. Do you need reminders about upcoming TV occasions? TV guides even offer such information.


Take a glimpse of how organized Australia TV guides are. They are running schedules of free-to-air television stations by region. There are also timetables of subscription television services. Schedules could be listed by state or by region. Thus, there is no excuse for any TV viewer to miss any important TV event. The most popular TV shows are even listed, which is frequently (read: weekly) updated.

Major, commercial, and public TV stations are mostly welcoming the usefulness of Australia TV guides. Such listings are practically and functionally helping broadcasters ensure that viewers would tune in at the right time, at the right station, every time. TV companies, advertisers, and audiences are all standing to gain from the operations of every Australia TV guide.



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