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Just like in any other countries, Australia is monitoring its figures, be it population, economics, housing, and other important information.

Quantitative data are so important that they are playing a major role in every nation’s decision-making.


The Australian federal government and the state governments are working together to closely look at and determine accurate information about numbers that matter.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics is the national statistical agency. It was established in 1905, originally called the Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics.



The establishment of Australia statistics office was in recognition of the significant role of statistics in strengthening the then new nation and in ensuring the legislative authority of the Commonwealth government over census and statistics.

Currently, statistics in Australia is assisting and encouraging more informed research, decision-making, and discussion on the national and community level. Australia Bureau of Statistics is leading a responsive statistical service and a high-quality objective.


The information produced would be used by the government in gauging economic activities and would be released nationally and internationally for purposes to the advantage of the private and public sectors. Australia statistics is gathered and produced through surveys that are undertaken to collect projections from local organizations and local government agencies. Data collected are initially used to facilitate monitoring of government policies by advisers and analysts. The information is pertinent to businesses, economists, and of course, the government.

In terms of research and development, statistics is determined through four major polls conducted nationally. The Australian Bureau of Statistics conduct four regular national R&D surveys: the annual R&D Business survey and the biennial R&D General Government, R&D Higher Education, and R&D Private Non-Profit Sector surveys.
Australia Statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is also regularly conducting other surveys, including business and household surveys. These polls are published and are regarded as key national indicators. They include: national accounts, consumption and investment, income, labor force demography, housing finance, international accounts, and production. Such surveys are compiled using data about retail, building approvals, labor force, economic activity, government finance, and capital expenditure.
For sectors, businesses, and other parties that may need Australia statistics information, the Australia Business Statistics is publishing annual year book containing national data. ‘Year Book Australia’ is a principal reference work from the agency.


It is aimed at providing detailed and more comprehensive statistical overview of different aspects of social conditions and the economy throughout Australia.

Australia statistics data also include other descriptive and quantitative information like climate, geography, defense, international relations, welfare support systems, health, and education. Information users are also identifying and recognizing different constraints. It is hard to imagine how Australia (and any other country) could make it though without utilizing important quantitative data.



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