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Soccer in Australia

What is the most popular sport in the world? The answer is not basketball. Ask any Australian and for sure, he would instantly say Soccer. No other country has the same level of fascination and cult following to soccer than Australia. The sport is also popular in the US, the UK, and other Westernized nations.

But in Australia, soccer events are national occasions.
Soccer, also called football, is an active team sport that is played by two teams at a time, each consisting of 11 players. Technically, soccer is a football variant that is played on an artificial turf field or a rectangular grass.

There is a goal located in the center of short ends. Scores are garnered by maneuvering the ball so that it would shoot into the opponent’s goal. The mechanics is quite simple but the action and excitement produced by every game is just unquantifiable. In history, soccer was codified in the United Kingdom through the establishment of the Football Association. From England, the sport found its way to get to the fields of Australia.



It is hard to imagine the Australian sporting history without including the long and exciting history of Australia soccer. If international soccer has FIFA or the International Federation of Association Football, Australia has Football Federation Australia or FFA. FFA is acting as a governing organization for Australia soccer. The body was previously known as ASA, or the Australia Soccer Association, in 2005. Prior to that, ASA was also called Soccer Australia.

FFA has been instituted to perform basic sporting duties. It oversees national football/ soccer teams, national coaching programs, and national club competitions. The body is closely monitoring national soccer or football teams like men’s team Socceroos, women’s team Matilda, and several other youth soccer teams.

Australia Soccer

It is also organizing regular soccer events like the National soccer League and the A-League.
National Soccer League used to be called the National Association Football competition. This soccer league had spanned up to 28 seasons since 1977. In 2005, it ceased. It was succeeded by A-League, tagged as the premier domestic soccer competition for the Australasian region. Because it has been majorly sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company, A-League has also been referred to as Hyundai A-League.
To solicit the cooperation of Australia soccer fanatics across the country, FFA works with several state federations as its constituent members. There are even governing bodies designated for every participating Australian state.


These are: Capital Football (ACT), Football Federation Northern Territory, Football Federation Victoria, Football Federation of South Australia,

Football Queensland, Football Federation Tasmania, and Football West (WA). New South Wales has two: Northern NSW Football and Football NSW. So far, Football NSW has consistently stood as the biggest Australian football association.



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